Touchpointer features
Touchpointer is a HDMI based, fully self-contained system which blends seamlessly into the typical conference presentation AV set-up independent of the presentation software used.

Touchpointer does not require installation of plug-ins or drivers and all peripherals are connected to Touchpointer with standard cables.

The system is comprised in a 1HU rack enclosure with connectors to peripherals. It comes with a Touchpointer keypad and a HDBaseT unit to be placed next to the touchscreen on stage simply connecting the technical control desk and stage with a standard CAT5 cable.

Slide advance can be controlled directly from the touchscreen, the keypad or from a wireless remote receiver (optional) connected to Touchpointer if supported by preferred presentation software.

External control
Touchpointer will accept inputs from slide change devices that provide keyboard emulated outputs thus enabling Touchpoiner to synchronize two attached laptops. A simulated keyboard input is also accepted if Touchpointer needs to be installed in auditoriums and connected to control systems.

• 2 x HDMI 1080p/60Hz switchable inputs
• 1 x HDMI 1080p/60Hz output for projector or video distribution
• 2 x USB outputs for slide advance PC control
• 1 x USB input for remote change or keyboard control
• 1 x USB input for Touchpointer keypad
• 1 x HDBaseT Extender output for touchscreen
• 1 x Serial input for interface to Crestron/AMX/Extron control system


  • 1 x Touchpointer keypad for back-end control
  • 1 x HDBaseT Extender Rx unit for connecting touchscreen on stage
  • 1 x Touch screen with Touchpointer stand and label

Remote control panel for operators
Touchpointer label
Touchpointer label for touch screen